Surface Prep and Flooring Installation

Tile floor with a rug and some chairs.

Today’s modern building and construction requires high-performing and sustainable flooring installation systems.

TEC® and CHAPCO® provide contractors and consumers with quality surface prep and flooring installation products for commercial and residential construction projects. Created with our customers’ challenges in mind, our products help reduce flooring installation time and can help extend the overall life of installation projects.

Surface preparation products provide reliable solutions for customers and construction contractors installing tile, carpet, wood, vinyl and other flooring types.

Surface Prep and Flooring Adhesives for All Flooring Types

You can transform flooring visions and style into reality with our high quality products for stone, carpet, vinyl and wood installations. Our mortar and grout product line gives customers ease-of-use and bond options for the installation of tiles — including extra-large, heavy, ultra-thin, glass, porcelain tiles for wall and flooring installation projects.

With high-quality flooring installation products we help contractors and DIY customers lay the groundwork to create functional and beautiful spaces.

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