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Limitless Labeling with Clarity? Hot Melt Adhesives

Clarity adhesives are formulated to give you the greatest freedom. Freedom to deliver design innovation, to accelerate production and to differentiate your brand with impressive performance in use.

Expect the adhesion strength and reliability required for your container labeling applications. Clarity adhesives offer considerable consumption savings and operational efficiencies.

  • Offer strong adhesion at both overlap and pick up, even with difficult-to-bond labels
  • Stay on the bottle through transportation and consumption as the adhesive flexes with the bottle
  • Clean up easily and doesn’t clog your lines, , keeping your mind on the rest of your business
Technology Documentation
Clarity® PHL 4155 ZP
Used for pressure sensistive adhesive used for fast pet, glass and metal label application for water bottle and cabonated beverage
Clarity® PHL4157
Used for ideal for film labels and hot melt pick up on cans semi-pressure sensitive adhesive use for fast pet, glass and metal label applications

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